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Cast Steel Ball Valves

To achieve perfect fluid shutoff for your petrochemical, gas and oil applications, browse American Production's extensive inventory of quarter-turn and straight-through cast steel ball valves. Designed to be low-maintenance with a durable, round closure element and leak-proof sealing, ball valves are an economical way of regulating substance pressure, volume and temperature flow.

When it comes to cast steel ball valves, American Production Valve carries only the best in brand names and innovative designs.

Cast Steel Ball Valve Benefits

  • High flow rates
  • cast steel ball valve distributorLightweight construction
  • Exceptional performance in corrosive environments
  • Superior flow, with minimized friction loss
  • Customized design for specialized industrial applications
  • In-stock inventory of one-piece, two-piece, three-piece and flanged body styles
  • One-year comprehensive warranty
  • Fireproof controls and emergency shutdown systems

Why choose cast steel ball valves?

While the body and trim of ball valves can be made of dozens of materials, cast steel is known for its ability to withstand shock and intense heat. In addition, it is a ferrous metal known for its durability and strength-making it a safe, economical choice for virtually any high-performance petrochemical and gas application.

Whether you require a small or large order of cast steel ball valves, our engineering specialists can help. We ship via a leading U.S. transportation hub in order to lower your shipping expenses and ensure a timely product arrival.

We also offer trunnion-mounted ball valves within our ball valve inventory.

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