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Piston Check Valves

Piston check valves, or "one-way" valves, are two ways of referring to standard lift check valves. These valves utilize a piston-shaped plug rather than a cone, the high-performance designs of cast steel check valves are used to prevent backflow by reacting to the line fluid in your petrochemical, gas or oil system.

American Production's supplies piston check valves in a variety of sizes and configurations, such as: metal-to-metal seats, quick piston opening, leak-proof operation and superior thermal resistance. In order to withstand high-pressure surges or frequent flow changes, our piston valve discs and seats are designed to align perfectly-even in the most demanding petrochemical environments.

Piston Check Valve Characteristics

Choose piston check valves when you need a ferrous metal that endures a lifetime of temperature shifts and drastic pressure changes. Looking for another material option? American Production Valve also carries piston check valves in stainless steel and cast iron.

While we stock a full inventory of valve configurations and premium brands, we understand that you may have a need for a custom design. If your cast steel piston check valve requires customization, contact our engineering specialists for lead times and availability. We offer affordable, expedited delivery, and each of our valves is hydro-tested and comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty.

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