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Ball Valves

As a ball valve distributor to the petroleum and oil and gas industries throughout the United States, American Production Valve provides an unparalleled selection of ball valves for any unique need. Available in one-, two- and three-piece models as well as floating, trunnion-mounted designs, and cast steel. American Production valves come with a variety of cost-effective features including:

  • Superior flow rates and minimized friction loss
  • Hydro-tested design
  • Comprehensive one-year warranty
  • Fireproof controls and emergency shut-down systems
  • Customization for industry needs
  • Exceptional performance in wet or corrosive environments

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Virgo Ball Valves

American Production Valve is a proud distributor of Virgo Ball Valves. Virgo has been in the business since 1986, and has become one of the leaders in the ball valve industry – receiving multiple certifications from the oil and engineering industries. At American Production, we provide fast and economical delivery of Virgo’s most popular, high-performing ball valves. These include the following:

Types of Ball Valves Carried


  • S Series Floating Ball Valves

    ball valve suppliers
    • Two-piece design
      • ANSI Class 150, 300 and 600
      • ½” (15 mm NB) to 12” (300 mm NB)
      • Flanged and butt weld ends
      • Full and reduced port construction
    • Three-piece design
      • ANSI Class 400/800
      • 12” (15mm NB) to 2” (50mm NB)
      • Screwed and socket weld ends
      • Reduced port construction

  • Cast Steel Ball Valves

    Cast steel ball valves are also perfect for the petrochemical industry because the type of metal they are composed is extremely durable and heat resistant. Some of the benefits of using cast steel ball valves are that they require very minimal maintenance, have a round closure element – leak-proof sealing and can regulate fluid pressure, volume and temperature.

    • Emergency shutdown systems 
    • Slam shut valves
    • Gas operated actuators 
    • Gas over oil systems
    • Fireproof controls
  • Virgo is an industry leader in valve automation, offering:

    virgo ball valves

    Whether it’s a Virgo ball valve or other brand, we have a large inventory and an extensive network of quality suppliers that allow us to quickly and cost-effectively provide a variety of ball valves.

    American Production Valve insists upon only the highest quality brand names, and is committed to providing customer-focused service and unmatched selection. In addition, you’ll never pay extreme shipping costs to expedite your order. If we can’t fill your order from our existing stock, we rely on our network of quality suppliers to provide the parts. Either way, you’ll receive prompt service and reasonable handling rates, since we ship from a leading transportation hub and pass the savings on to you. In addition, we thoroughly hydro test all of our Factory New Valves and offer a one-year warranty.

    Material spec sheets are available for all our ball valves.

Specialty Valves

At American Production Valve, we also offer an extensive inventory of hard to supply valves, or Specialty Valves for any petrochemical or oil and gas application.

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