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American Production Valve is a leading check valve distributor—also known as clack valves, one-way valves, or non-return valves—for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Check valves are made so that fluid is only allowed to flow in one direction through the valve – there are usually two openings within the valve, one for the fluid to enter and one for the fluid to exit. Our check valves are guaranteed to eliminate backflow issues and allow liquid to safely flow in one direction.

Check Valve Inventory

Appropriate for a wide range of petrochemical applications, we offer a variety of check valves, including the following:

Piston check valves (also referred to as lift check valves), are unique in that the higher pressure of an upstream fluid can cause its disc (lift) to lift – allowing the fluid to flow to the downstream side. (There is a guide that monitors the valve, so that it can close accurately). Once the upstream high pressure is no longer present, either gravity or higher downstream pressure will bring the disc back down to close the valve, preventing a reverse flow.

Ball check valves consist of a ball that moves to either block or allow the fluid to flow through the valve. Sometimes a spring is attached to the ball to keep the valve sealed shut. For valves without a spring, reverse fluid flow is needed to move the ball in order to close the valve.

Stop check valves do exactly what they say – stop fluid flow. They are unique in that they can stop fluid flow regardless of the fluid direction or pressure and they have the ability to close the valve from an exterior switch – preventing any fluid flow.

We also offer check valves in the following styles:

Check Valve Materials

All of our check valves, which are hydro tested and come with a one-year warranty, are listed below:

At American Production Valve, we meet the check valve needs of suppliers to the petrochemical and oil and gas industries throughout the United States with fast delivery of quality check valves at competitive prices. Our top priority is providing affordable, high-quality valves as quickly as possible. We maintain an expansive inventory and offer a wide selection of Specialty Valves from numerous suppliers. If we can’t fill your order from our stock, we will work with our industry-best manufacturing partners to acquire the valve you need. We can find and ship all Factory New Valves within days. And, to eliminate delays, we ship from a leading transportation hub—making our deliveries as efficient and inexpensive as possible.

Check Valve Distributor

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