Unparalleled Selection of Check Valves

American Production Valve is a leading check valve distributor—also known as clack valves, one-way valves, or non-return valves—for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Check valves are made so that fluid is only allowed to flow in one direction through the valve – there are usually two openings within the valve, one for the fluid to enter and one for the fluid to exit. Our check valves are guaranteed to eliminate backflow issues and allow liquid to safely flow in one direction. We offer a variety of types of check valves suitable for a variety of applications often related to the petrochemical industry.

Types of Check Valves We Distribute

Piston Check Valves

Piston Check Valves

Piston checks consist of a body, spring, seat, and a cylindrical piston that raises and lowers inside the valve body depending on flow rate. The flow to a piston check must enter from below the seat of the valve which then rises the piston to allow the flow through. When the flow stops or slows down the piston is then forced onto the seat by the backflow and gravity. Piston checks are used in high-pressure applications and where the flow switches direction rapidly.

We offer Piston Check Valves with the following grades:

  • ½" to 16"
  • 150 # to 2500 #

Swing Check Valves

Swing Check Valves

Swing checks consist of a body, seat, and disk. Swing checks allow flow in one direction, but automatically prevents back flow when the product in the line switches direction. It uses a swinging disk that is hinged to the body to allow flow in the forward direction but returns to the valve seat when the flow is stopped. The valves do not require a human, air, or electricity to operate as swing checks are flow sensitive.

We offer Swing Check Valves with the following grades:

  • ½" to 36"
  • 150 # to 2500 #

Check Valve Configurations

  • Clapper valves
  • Diaphragm check valves
  • Double ball check valves
  • Double check valves
  • Dual plate check valves
  • Swing check valves

Material Selection for Check Valves

  • Cast Steel
  • Forged Steel
  • Stainless Steel
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