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Industrial Valves

industrial valve supplier American Production Valve's extensive industrial valve inventory and reliable industry connections mean fast delivery of the right valves for you and your customers. Rather than waiting weeks, or even months, to get the valves you need from the original manufacturer, we often can ship within days - saving time and money. Our valves are corrosion resistant and provide durability you can count on.

Industrial Valve Inventory

For valves that we don't have in our extensive warehouse, we can easily find thanks to our dependable network of quality and affordable suppliers. As suppliers to the petrochemical and oil/gas industries, our clients rely on us to provide a wide selection of valves, including the following:

We stock a full selection of valves made from stainless steel, cast steel, and cast iron.

Stainless Steel Valves

American Production offers a variety of stainless steel valves - specializing in stainless steel gate valves, which are designed to permit high fluid flow with minor friction loss. However, beware that high volumes of fluid can cause quicker wear and tear, possibly leading to valve leaks. For best results, gate valves are recommended when dealing with thick/heavy liquids. Below is a list of the additional stainless steel valves that we offer:

  • Stainless steel globe valves
  • Stainless steel check valves
  • Stainless steel ball valves

Cast Steel Valves

Similar to stainless steel gate valves, cast steel gate valves should only be used when dealing with dense petroleum liquids because they can create a leak-proof seal when closed. However, cast steel gate valves are different, in that the type of lightweight metal (cast steel) they are composed is very rigid and can withstand heat. At American Production Valve, we offer the following cast steel valves:

Cast Iron Valves

American Production offers an array of cast iron valves – one being, globe valves, which allow for general throttling capabilities and have ON/OFF options when they are completely open or closed. We also offer the following cast iron valves as well:

  • Cast iron check valves
  • Cast iron ball valves
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