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Cast Steel Gate Valves

Cast steel gate valves, also referred to as sluice valves or slide valves, utilize a flexible, sliding wedge or "gate" that seals to block fluid flow based upon your application requirements. When you purchase cast steel gate valves from American Production Valve, you'll receive quality, high-performance products at competitive prices.

Gate valves are not designed to slow or adjust fluid flow. Instead, they should be left completely closed or fully open to slow friction loss, optimize performance and increase valve lifespan. One of the advantages of gate valves is their ability to slice through dense, viscous petroleum liquids to create a leak-free seal upon closing.

Durable & Heat Resistant Cast Steel Gate Valves

While American Production carries gate valves in a variety of materials, cast steel is a ferrous metal that is both durable and heat resistant. The lightweight gate valve material lasts through a lifetime of drastic temperature shifts, making it ideal for the petrochemical and gas industries. Choose from rising stem configurations when applications call for frequent visual inspection of the valve, or non-rising stem configurations when space is tight or the valve is installed underground.  

Like our other valve products, each cast steel gate valve is thoroughly hydro-tested. In addition, no matter what the size of your order, we offer cost-effective, expedited shipping and comprehensive warranties. Call our engineering experts today to order a materials spec sheet, inquire about gate valve composition or find the valve that best fits your gas, oil or petrochemical needs.

Cast Steel Gate Valve Construction

As a distributor of cast steel gate valves, ball valves and globe valves, we offer valves in the following cast steel grades:

  • WCB
  • C-5
  • WC6
  • WC9
  • C-12
  • CB
  • Flanged-buttweld
  • Bolted bonnet
  • Pressure seal

We also offer Stainless Steel Gate Valves.

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